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Personal Information Protection Policy

DARE Japan Inc. (hereinafter referred to “We”) shall stipulate “Personal Information Protection Policy” as follows, which has clarified our basic stance and criteria of management regarding personal information protection, and positively make efforts to protect personal information enough to gain credibility from clients by making all officers and employees known well about the policy for more thorough management.

1. We shall handle personal information based on appropriate management in compliance with laws and related regulations regarding personal information protection as well as Japanese Industrial Standards “Personal Information Protection Management System – Requirements” (JIS Q 15001: 2006) in a case that acquisition, use or delivery of personal information is required.
2. We shall comply with laws, policies stipulated by the government and other rules regarding personal information protection as well as continuously review and try to improve the Personal Information Protection Management System including the contents hereof.
3. We shall obtain personal information by lawful and fair means upon obtaining the Person’s consent and take measures not to handle the information beyond the range of utilization purpose as announced or notified in advance. In case of necessity to use the information beyond the utilization purpose, we shall be obliged to obtain the Person’s consent in advance.
4. We shall not provide personal information to any third party other than companies which are y entrusted with our operation and those succeeded our relevant operations except when we have obtained a consent from the Person in advance or it is permitted by law and regulations.
5. In a case that we ask a client to provide personal information, we shall inform the client of the utilization purpose, range of third parties we provide the client’s personal information and our contact point for the client to cope with inconvenience, if any.
6. We shall take security measures in a proper and rational manner and make every effort to prevent loss, breakage, falsification, leak and damage of and unauthorized access to personal information as well as to correct them, if any.
7. In a case that we are required to provide personal information to a third party, we shall take measures to prevent leak or redelivery of the personal information from the third party in a compulsory manner based on a contract.
8. We shall make the Policy known well and enhance awareness of personal information protection among employees through educational enlightenment activities and try to ensure appropriate management of personal information.
9. In a case that clients request confirmation, correction, deletion or consultation regarding personal information or have any complaint, we are ready to cope with the case to a proper and reasonable extent.

Enacted on February 24, 2019

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